Master didn’t head out today because there wasn’t anything. So he was able to go to my other appointment today. The poor midwife was having a very Monday Tuesday. Lol. So Master and I were able to see baby boy again, even though we seen him last week. (I had a different midwife/ultrasound tech last […]

Nst appt & Bagel Pizzas

Today’s appointment went well! Baby boy and I had a non-stress test scheduled and everything went well. He was pretty quiet this morning and I think he was saving it for this afternoon lol. The nurse said he moved the way he should and she was happy. (Its kind of hard to explain a non-stress […]


I didn’t write last night because Master and I were up until late last night playing Diablo 3. We hadn’t played a video game together in a while and it was time. We did the same thing again for most of today. We didn’t play all day because I had to tidy the house up […]


While this will be posted on 2.16.19, this is my post for 2.15. Master came home today, but he got home kinda late, so we grabbed something while in town, and ate at home. Lol. A couple hours after eating, Master let me use the bathroom inside and when I came back, he was stripped […]


Master should be home tomorrow sometime and I’m thrilled. (I almost had a car accident today and desperately need one of his hugs. Baby and I are fine, just still a little shook up.) Master is warning me of his plans for when he gets home. Hes in a “evil mood” as he puts it. […]


I was a whooped puppy last night. I was passed out by 8 and Master by 10. We didn’t do anything extraordinary, just our normal day to day stuff. But the night before I tossed and turned and couldn’t stay asleep. Same with last night except it was littered with weird ass dreams, 2 about […]

2.11 19

Sorry for the bit of radio silence. Masters been home and I fell back into the nasty habit of not writing when he’s home, even after he warned me about it before he got home. The 1st night here was home, my ass was used. Master fucked my ass so good I was still begging […]