Today has been a pretty boring day. I didn’t do too much except send Master a couple pics of me wearing my plug, chasing BB all around, and cleaning house. Master had me send him pics randomly because he said I was notorious for saying I was wearing it while not having it in. He […]


Master was able to use my mouth on Friday night when he came home. It wasn’t anything super heavy, just a blow job, but i was able to please him. We tried to do something the other night, but do to my insubordination, Master ended up walking out of the room for a while and […]


I’m excited!! My glasses have come in and I get them Monday! I don’t think I mentioned it, but during the 2 weeks, I got my eyes checked for the 1st time in ages!I had one of my best friends go with me so she could watch BB and drive us home after they dilated […]

Vanilla Hump Day

Today was a vanilla day. I didn’t get to really talk to Master because he wasn’t feeling good. It was probably a good thing because BB was a bit fussy and whiny today, therefore a lot of crying. Lol. Master was suffering a migraine and a crying toddler wouldn’t have made it better. I do […]

Short 2 week update

Holy crap y’all!! These last 2 weeks (give or take) have been full of uncertainty. Master got sick and lost his sense of taste and smell suddenly and with what’s going on, that’s one of the main symptoms. So Master was off work until he could get tested and get his results back. He got […]

Hot, Vanilla Day

Honestly, today was a normal, vanilla day. Not a whole lot happened and we just stayed home. BB and I played with his ducky splash pad for about an hour, hour and a half. It was way too hot to really be out any longer than that. This weekend is supposed to be cooler, so […]

Week Long Update

Master had come home last Thursday. It was a short work week due to the holiday and a long weekend as well. That night we didn’t do anything to extraordinary. Master had me play with his cock for a little bit before getting into my usual position for giving him a blowjob. Master lasted a […]


Today was fairly boring. Lol. BB and I played outside for a few hours before coming inside because he was starting to turn pink, even with sunscreen on. Poor kid doesn’t need a sunburn. Master and I chatted on and off throughout the day. He did message me about what he has planned for me […]

When Master came home on Friday, we ended up using the bondage pillow. It was comfy until Master decided to shove my knees into my chest lol. Made it a lil harder to breathe, but I was still able to make noise, so I was good. It started off with me giving Master a blow […]


It’s been a pretty productive day. Maybe not in the dynamic sense, but with housework. Lol. I finally folded and put away 3 weeks of laundry. It’s been sitting in a laundry basket, gently whispering at me. I was even able to clean our dresser/entertainment center, all before BB woke up from his nap!! I […]